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Posted on February 5, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Exfoliating can be a confusing topic. Especially when told to exfoliate the bikini area to help eliminate ingrown hair bumps, scarring and blackheads. I'm asked daily when is the best time to exfoliate, so I figured I'd write a blog post of my recommendations.

First, you want to form a habit that works best for you to be consistent. The same way you have a consistent routine with your face (I really hope you have a skin-loving face routine), is the same with loving on and nurturing your body, including the vagina and bikini area.

We won't get into happy vagina practices here, but feel free to read my free e-book, Your Ultimate Guide to a Happy and Fabulous Vagina for more information on vaginal health. You can get it at


Now back to helping you achieve a scar free, ingrown hair-bump free and discoloration free bikini area. There are many steps in achieving this process. The same as there are many steps in achieving a radiant and clear face, but one of the steps you should be doing is exfoliating.


I normally recommend exfoliating 1-2 times per week depending upon how thick your skin is in the area. If you skin in the area is pretty thick and hair has a hard time making its way through your pores when growing back, causing a lot of ingrown bumps to form, then you want to exfoliate twice a week and use an ingrown hair-bump serum daily.


If your skin is thinner and more sensitive (note: having an ingrown hair bump issue does not mean your skin is sensitive. I hear this all the time from clients and the two do not necessarily coincide), you'll only exfoliate one time per week.


If your ingrown hair-bumps have turned into boils or cysts and pretty irritated, then gently exfoilate 1 time per week, but you must either take salt baths to detoxify and draw out the toxins from the now infected bump or hold a hot compress containing salt on it daily for about 20 minutes, followed by an all natural, ingrown hair-bump serum.


You can also use Happy Girl Products natural mud mask to draw out toxins. I normally recommend doing this 1 time per week, unless you have a bad ingrown hair bump issue or they become boils, then two times per week and skip exfoliating. And don't forget to apply the ingrown hair bump serum daily.


I actually rotate by using a mud mask one time per week and exfoliating one time per week.


Now onward to what you should use to exfoliate. You want to use either an all natural scrub like Happy Girl Products Organic Scrub, a salt scrub, or an exfoliating bar with coarse grains like Happy Girl Products Exfoliating Bar. It contains course oatmeal grains that you actually feel gently scraping or scratching your skin.


Toss the apricot scrub or the creamy scrub with little grains in it to exfoliate. I always say "if you had an itch, and you're rubbing your product on that itch, does it satisfy your itch as if you were scratching it?"


Loofah balls that you use to wash are a little too gentle, but an exfoliating loofah material could be a little too rough. Rubbing a small face brush in a circular motion will help, but you need some type of product that will help circulate and turn the skin cells. That's why I just stick with going with the two for one -- a sugar or salt scrub made with natural essential oils or an exfoliating bar already contains the products for healing and dealing with inflammation along with drawing out toxins.


One more thing, when waxing you can exfoliate the day before to assist with the hairs extracting better but after a wax you want to wait three to four days before exfoliating. If you have thin, sensitive skin, then do not exfoliate before waxing.


I hope this article helped in answering your questions about exfoliating. Please remember, exfoliating is not an Ingrown Hair Bump Treatment and over exfoliating can make the skin in the area worse. Exfoliating just assists in removing the dead skin in hopes that the hair can flow through better.




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Posted on September 29, 2018 at 7:30 AM

Do you have nasty eyebrows?

I remember when I was younger and my family came to my first basketball game (which I sucked at). My 4 year old brother out-right-refused to sit next to my grandmother. When my mom asked him 'what's wrong?' he responded that my grandmother had on 'nasty pants.' I guess her burgundy and plaid bell bottoms was not working for him, (nor anyone else -- she wore these pants in the 80s, so they were a bit out of style to say the least).

If you're still going to your local nail salon for your eyebrow and/or facial wax, then you possibly have nasty eyebrows.

You're a smart, savvy and trendy professional, so I'm sure you know the dangers of doing such. You may say, "yeah I know, but I've been having them wax my eyebrows and lip this long, and nothing has happened. Plus it's cheaper." 


How does the old saying go? You get what you pay for. 


Here's the scoop about such places -- the wax is normally a cesspool of bacteria because of the double dipping and sitting for long periods of time. If the establishment does Brazilian or Bikini waxing, then it's possible the wax pot is full of va-jay-jay juice. Disgusting, right!


I had a conversation with a friend who lives in North Jersey, so it's tough for her to make it to Beautiful Waxing Boutique consistently. I told her to find a waxing place similar to BW for her brows, in her area.  One that practices sanitary requirements, but also specializes in their craft. In this case, eyebrow shaping -- just because an establishment has the equipment and products to removes hair, doesn't mean they're good at it.  She said, "ok, but when I do get it done at a nail salon, I have them change the stick for me." I've had several clients tell me this too. Silly rabbit, what about the wax itself that they've been double dipping in? 


Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of pre-waxing and post-waxing products are being applied to your skin. If these products are cheap and filled with chemicals, this can also contribute to a reaction.  


What's the moral of the story? STOP THE MADNESS! You are awesome and deserving of the best!! You are so worth the couple of extra dollars you have to spend for sanitary purposes and to have truly badass brows!

Also, keep in mind that a properly shaped brow is fuller and adapted more to your natural shape, so once you have your proper shape, you don't need to wax your brow as often. My brow clients normally come every 4-6 weeks compared to every two weeks in other establishments that take too much hair off. In the long run, by going to a higher quality establishment that has strict sanitary practices and actually specializes in shaping/waxing your brow properly will help you to even-out (money wise) or spend less because you'll go less often. 


Still not convinced you should stop the madness of going to nail salons for waxing? Take a look at the below news article about the dangers of waxing in such places. https:/ 

Sending you tons of October Love and Hugs!



Posted on July 18, 2018 at 9:10 PM

This is a well overdue ebook discussing an under recognized but very important subject matter -- vagina health! The subjects covered are: 

  • How to Clean Her
  • Vaginal Hair Removal - The Available Options
  • Your first Brazilian Wax – What to Expect
  • How to Combat Ingrown Hair Bumps and the Scarring
  • Eliminate Recurring Yeast and Bacteria Infections
  • Natural Remedies for Fibroid Tumors


Get your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide To A Fabulous & Happy Vagina at

I hope you enjoy it!


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Posted on June 26, 2018 at 3:40 PM

Hey there and welcome back to Happy Girl Life!

Today I’m going to give you a couple of tips for growing in sparse or thin brows.

If you’re like the majority of us, you’ve allowed someone with wax and a stick (or thread) to get a little too carried away with your brow. You understandably think because they can remove hair (maybe), they’re specializing in brow shaping or care about healthy brows. Nope.

Why would having a healthy brow be important? Because your eyebrows shape your face! Your entire face can look different just by having a properly shaped brow or not.

But later with lecturing you on going to the right brow specialist. You’re here to know how to fix the problem. Unfortunately, because the wrong brow salon may be the problem, first you want to fix that issue so that you’re not going through the trouble of growing eyebrows back in just for them to be snatched away again.

2nd, the brow specialist may not be the issue. Sometimes we just start losing random hairs as we get older and our brows start to thin. Eyebrows also thin if we’re on certain medications or dealing with certain health issues. It’s good to know what’s going on with your eyebrows first to combat the issue.

In either case, you’ll want to hold off on having your eyebrows done too often. It can take eyebrows 1 – 2 years to fully grow back -- if they’ll ever grow back, in certain areas. You should never have your eyebrows done every two weeks. That’s way too often and it just means the person is taking more of your actual brow away compared to the stray hairs, for each visit.

You should have your eyebrows done every 3 – 4 weeks. Try to go longer if you’re working on growing them in and getting them healthy. Once your brows are properly shaped and growing back, you’ll find you don’t need to get them done as often if you're going to the right eyebrow salon, so “trust the process”.


You’ll also want to use some type of brow growth serum. There are several on the market -- some better than others. At Beautiful Waxing Boutique, I carry a brow rejuvenator that’s all natural oils to help stimulate the hair follicles and clear bacteria from the pores allowing for hair to grow back naturally. My clients love it! Find a brow serum like this or read the reviews before purchasing one. Be cautious of using one with too many chemicals.

You’ll also want to stay away from brow pencils where you need to press harder on your brow to fill it in or rubbing the brow too much when filling it in. That way you’re not contributing to snagging hair strands. Take a look at my article on filling in brows to learn the proper and healthy way in doing so.

Well that’s all for now. Sending you much love and badass eyebrows!


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Posted on June 4, 2018 at 6:10 PM

So you're planning to have your first Brazilian wax and you are scared shit-less. Trust me, I've been there. I was there years ago before Googling the internet to gather suggestions to combat your fears was an obvious solution. It was also before waxing was the “in-thing” so you were pretty much stuck with whoever had a wax pot, a stick and a willing participant to do the job. I know, scary.

In this article, I'm going to free your mind with a couple of suggestions to give you the confidence and comfort you need to join the nation of smooth va-jay-jays.


1. You may have read articles that advised for you to go to a place that uses hard wax, but I am here to tell you that it does not make a difference. The key is to be sure you go to a place that specializes in Brazilian waxing.


For example, just because a nail salon, spa, or salon, has a wax pot, it doesn't mean they specialize in Brazilian waxing -- meaning Brazilian waxing may not be the majority of the business that they do every day. The only way for you to know this is by looking at their reviews. If multiple people had a great experience at the establishment you are researching, for Brazilian waxing in particular, then you’re one step ahead of the game.


2. Which brings me to my next suggestion. Make sure you go to a technician that makes you feel comfortable. You could ask one of your friends for a referral to their Waxing Specialist if they get Brazilian waxing, but if you're the trailblazer amongst the group, then in your research of waxing establishments, look for the common names of the wax specialists with the good reviews and ask to book your appointment with that person. Trust me, there's nothing like having a wax done with someone you're not comfortable with. Yikes!


3. Make sure you have enough hair. If you currently shave or use depilatory creams, you should allow your hair to grow in for 2 full weeks to 3 weeks, with 3 weeks being ideal. By the way, two full weeks means 14 days. Unfortunately, if you're a current shaver that never has hair down yonder, “the wait” is the hardest part, I'm often told. Because of this, after a week of not shaving, you'll figure “surely this is enough hair to be waxed.” It's not! Us waxing pros have heard all the reasons why you feel it’s enough. Mainly being, “my hair grows fast.” If you must compare it to something, it should be compared to a VERY LONG grain of rice, not the short grains.


You may worry if your hair is too long because you've read somewhere that it hurts more if the hair is too long. Here at Beautiful Waxing Boutique, I trim for the client. I don't like clients to trim themselves because they may trim it too short and then I can't wax them but not all waxing establishments will trim for you, so a good rule of thumb is to be right at the 14 days to 3 weeks mark to eliminate worry about whether it’s too long or not. When an article is referencing the waxing experience being more painful because the hair is too long, it's most likely meaning the 1970s bush that makes your undies puffy.


4. When searching for the best waxing salon, be sure to go to one that does not double dip. We can thank good-ole Seinfeld for this term, but if you're not aware of what double dipping means it's correlated to when one "double-dips the chip." They'll take a bite then put the same chip in the dip that everyone is eating from. Gross, right? Well in the waxing world it's just as gross. You want to go to an establishment that tosses the stick after each application -- tossing the stick after each client is not enough. That's like double dipping the chip and once that chip is all gone you're now getting a new chip. The dip is now yucky! If they're applying the wax to your skin and then put the stick back in the wax, apply it to your skin again and so on, you now have a cesspool full of bacteria, because they've been doing that all day with multiple customers. To make this grosser, what if the other customer got a Brazilian wax and you're getting a lip wax. No Bueno!


So be sure that the place throws away the stick after each application onto the skin unless they are the type of place that has a central large wax pot that they scoop wax from to put in a clean wax pot. They scoop just enough wax to use for your service and if any is left, the rest is thrown out. Here at Beautiful Waxing Boutique, this is done for a full leg wax. Usually a full can of wax can be used for full legs. At that point, we choose to save trees and use the same stick because that wax-can will be used on that customer. Disregard any explanation for double dipping stating the heat kills the germs. If that was the case, the wax would be too hot to apply to skin.


5. The 5th thing I would suggest is to get your Brazilian wax done alone. If you bring someone with you for moral support, have them wait in the waiting room if that establishment has one. A lot of times people like to bring someone with them in the waxing room, but unfortunately, this can sometimes cause the experience to hurt more because you’re stimulated. This is usually why a lot of places will not allow you to bring someone in the waxing room with you.


6. Keep a strip! Also known as a landing strip. A lot of times people are confused in thinking it’s a design thing, but majority of ladies keep a strip because it's the most sensitive area. You can keep a long strip from the pelvic bone down the labia, or keep a rectangle strip from the bone to the top part of the labia -- the most sensitive area. You can keep it that way if you like a little hair or remove more at each waxing appointment until it’s all gone. An experienced Waxing Specialist should be able to help you with this decision.


7. Some will recommend that you take a pain reliever about an hour before your appointment and it does help. If you need to check with your doctor first, please be sure to do so.


I’m often asked if numbing creams work. I don't think there's a drastic difference and unfortunately if using one, you are at risk of being irritated. I definitely wouldn't suggest a numbing cream if you're new to Brazilian waxing. I'd suggest that you try the numbing cream after you've had several waxing appointments and you’re aware as to how your skin reacts to the wax. This way, if you have a reaction after using the numbing cream, then you'll know it’s definitely the numbing cream and you won’t falsely believe the wax caused it.


Each place that specializes in Brazilian waxing has its own waxing techniques to make your experience better. That's why you want to go to a place that specializes in it. If you go to a place just because they have wax, it doesn’t mean they understand the method of waxing. There’s so much more to it than just ripping hair off.


8. Don't let your first time be the judge. Get it done again in 4 weeks. The first time is always the most uncomfortable. Having it done again in 4 weeks will give you the true feeling of what you'll experience going forward if you chose to be regular. Each time you fall off the wagon and start shaving again or just let the hair grow in full, you are starting all over again. It'll feel like the first time with the difference being you now know what to expect.


Lastly, I leave you with the statement that majority of the first timers I wax hop off the waxing table when I’m done exclaiming, “that wasn't as bad as I expected” or “that didn’t hurt at all”!


So fear not. You can do this!



Posted on April 18, 2018 at 8:35 PM

So you’ve read through all the articles about sugaring…about how it hurts less than waxing and its many benefits; like how it pulls the hair from the root better than wax causing the hair to grow-in less, that it doesn’t pull as much skin and that it dates back to ancient times and so on…

I’m sure you’re wondering, “is it true?” “Can there really be an easier method to remove hair from my nether region?”

That all depends…

Like I mentioned in the article Hard Wax vs Soft Wax, the same applies to sugaring with regards to where you are having the service completed. You’d be surprised of how much the actual technique that the skin-care specialist performing the hair removal uses, in comparison to the hair removal product itself, determines your level of discomfort.

Don’t get me wrong, high quality products is of the next most importance, but the technique -- regardless of soft wax, hard wax or sugaring, is numero uno. You’re most likely not in the hair-removal industry so to know a place with a great technique, you want to find a place that has great reviews in specializing in their hair removal services.

Does it hurt less?

Yes! Unfortunately it’s not a drastic difference and some have even said they didn’t feel the difference. I guess it’s because we’re still ripping hair from you. But hey, I’ll take all the relief I can get, even if it’s a tiny bit.

When I first opened, I offered a sugaring option. I figured 1st time Brazilian waxers could opt for sugaring if they were nervous of pain. Sugaring was offered for a couple of dollars more than the waxing option. I thought for sure the sugaring would be the top seller, but it wasn’t. That could be because it was in 2012 and sugaring wasn’t as popular as it’s becoming, but the feedback I received is that it wasn’t that drastic of a difference from the feeling of being waxed. I use a natural wax for sensitive skin so it’s not as harsh on the skin as other waxing products. Although clients reported that they felt a slight difference with the sugar being gentler, they didn’t go bananas over it like I thought they would.

Here’s why. Sugar paste is all natural and free from preservatives. It’s just sugar, lemon juice and water cooked to a certain heat point to where it’s strong enough to remove hair. But it’s gentle and temperamental to temperatures; therefore it can sometimes take longer to perform hair removal with the sugaring method.

So after a while of clients not being too interested in sugaring, I discontinued it and it didn’t appear to be missed. However, recently a lot of new clients have been asking for it so I’m excited to announce sugaring will be available again real soon.

How long does it last and does the hair grow back less than waxing?

Sugaring lasts the same time as waxing where you should be serviced every 4-6 weeks. Unfortunatley, I didn’t notice less hair growth from my clients that waxed regularly.

The result:

While there isn’t a clear winner, I personally like every bit of less pain I can get, so I personally like sugaring – sometimes. I’m a bit impatient, so if I feel the sugar is not going to cooperate and take a bit longer to remove the hair, then wax me up baby. This way I know for sure that I’ll be off the table in the next 10-15 minutes!

If this is your first time getting a Brazilian wax, then sugaring may be the best bet. If you’re a regular to Brazilian waxing, and waxing is a bit much for you, then sugaring is definitely worth trying. Either way, be sure to go to a place that has great reviews in their hair removal services.

Remember, technique is key. It may appear that us “skin-care peeps” are just ripping hair out, but there is a method to the insanity (or should be)!


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Posted on March 20, 2018 at 3:20 PM

Do you battle with nasty little bumps that can be an unfortunate side effect to hair removal?

As the hair grows back after waxing, it can sometimes curl under the skin, causing clogged pores and ingrown hair-bumps to form. To be ready for swimsuit season...when and if it ever gets here -- mother nature is playing some serious games with us in NJ -- but I digress with a quick rant and now back to the subject at hand.

I recommend these quick tips to eliminate ingrown hairs as much as possible...

With each customer visit, I like to reiterate the importance of exfoliating, but for those that aren’t aware, frequent 'bikini facials' are a must to help prevent ingrown hairs and the subsequent scarring associated with these annoying little bumps.

Despite popular belief, you do not want to pick at the bump demanding to tweeze the hair out. Especially if it's under the skin. Breaking skin to dig for the hair can cause major scarring and even worse, an infection.

If the ingrown hair-bumps are itching, I recommend skipping the loofah to exfoliating with a scrub using gentle circular motions over the irritated area. This double duty action not only exfoliates, but immediately soothes the itching. Then rinse the area with warm water and apply witch hazel or an ingrown hair-bump serum, if you have one.

Are you highly prone to ingrown hair-bumps? Then you will need -- in addition to a scrub -- an actual ingrown hair-bump serum. You'll apply the ingrown serum after showering or anytime of the day to relieve irritation.

Try not to scratch or pick at the area. This can increase the irritation, cause spreading and/or lead to an infection.

Once the serum breaks the surface of the ingrown bump, surprisingly you won’t even feel the need to pluck the hair out. It’ll grow in like the other hairs to be abstracted with your next wax.

Have you heard of vagina steaming? If you're into that, it's a great way to help eliminate ingrown hair-bumps and scarring. It's also great for other benefits concerning vagina health. If that's not your thing, a simple hot relaxing bath, with the same healing herbs or essential oils should do the trick.

One more thing, sometimes the ingrown hair-bump will turn into a stubborn abscess (sometimes known as a boil or a cyst). By putting a hot compress (washcloth) with salt on the compress for about 20 minutes each evening and applying an ingrown serum will help it to come to a head after about a week. When dealing with an abscess, it's not a good idea to exfoliate in that immediate area until it heals. This issue goes a bit beyond skin-care (me) and into a medical area, so you may need to see a dermatologist.


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BROW PENCIL OR BROW POWDER (and how do I fill in my Brows period)?

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 2:45 PM

I’m asked almost every day which is the better technique for filling-in brows; pencil or powder?

While we all have our own look we’d like to achieve and our own method that is more comfortable, we still drive ourselves bonkers viewing all the YouTube videos, then staring in the mirror with every eyebrow product from Ulta Beauty, more confused than when we first started.

There are many products out there but for an everyday person, that is not a makeup artist, we like nicely filled in brow that doesn’t “look” filled-in.

We honestly admire the dramatic drawn-in look on others but for ourselves, we simply want fullness and definition to our existing brows (and we want it in 5minutes or less!).

So I’m going to break down the products for you real quick…

Brow Gel - Colored or Clear: If used by itself, this is best for someone with full eyebrows, that are perfectly shaped without help from powder or a pencil.

This is for a Brooke Shields type of brow (hmm, did I just age myself?). Ok we’ll go with Kim Kardashian if you don’t know who Brooke Shields is. Everyone knows the Kardashians. This is the perfect brow that just needs a little help defining it.

Another way to properly use gel, is to apply it to your eyebrow after you’ve already filled it in with powder. The gel helps to define and keep the brow hairs in place.

If you have shabby brows you’re working on growing in or just thin brows in general, brow gel, used by itself, just ads a little oomph to it. It can also make it more noticeable that your eyebrows are not full nor shaped properly.

Brow Wax: This is similar to brow gel but usually comes in a brow powder kit. You would apply it after applying the powder. It doesn’t define as much as gel and can make the powder look darker, but helps the brows stay in place.

Brow Pencil: If you’re still using the old fashioned pencil that needs to be sharpened and pressed hard against the brow, toss it! I truly believe this type of pencil contributes to our random loss of little brow hairs here and there.

If you’re using the new type that glides on, this type of pencil is usually for someone that is skilled with filling-in their brows. I always have clients come in frustrated because they can’t get their brows to look the way I have them look with the powder. When I pry a bit to find out what they’re using, it’s usually a brow pencil of some type.

Brow pencils are difficult to use unless you’re good at creating a border that’s not there (the perfect shape) or you have naturally perfect shaped brows without any missing hair (the Kim and Brooke eyebrow example above) and would just like to darken and define.

Brow Powder: My favorite! Brow powder gives you a defined, full brow without it “looking” like you have makeup on your eyebrows. You can control your looks. You can go for a dark-dramatic look or a defined-fuller, yet completely natural look.

With brow powder, you simply follow the shape of your eyebrow along the boarder in a soft upward stroke with an angled brow brush. Then gently fill in the sparse areas in the brow. If it’s not dark enough, simply repeat. If it’s too dark, simply blend with a spoolie brush (the brush that looks like a mascara wand). Once it’s to your liking, you can leave it or set it with a clear brow gel for more definition.

Very important: the brush is extremely important to achieve a good look, so please toss the tiny angle brush that came in your brow powder kit and get a professional brush that costs more than $5.00 please. BW’s Brow Brush has a perfect angle for precise definition and a spoolie at the other end to blend.

Now to the brow color! BW’s Happy Girl Brow Powder is a soft powder that blends to skin tone so I’ve literally used the same color on EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT (which is dark brown) for years. If your powder is not as forgiving, you’ll have to go with a color that is best suited to a combination of your brow hair and skin tone.

And voila! You should have badass brows from this day forward!

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Posted on October 6, 2016 at 9:25 AM

I love the look on a client’s face when I’m asked, “Wow, you can wax your underarms?".  But I remember a very long time ago when I was first introduced to it and thought the same thing.


I asked the very same question when complaining that I could no longer shave my underarms. You see, I would develop very nasty boils after shaving.


I mean -- had to go to the doctor multiple times through my childhood to teenage, then young adult life -- nasty boils, in my armpits.


I was then left with the options to discontinue shaving allowing the hair to grow under my arms (not a good look) or continue shaving and dealing with the agony of boils.


I never mentioned it to people because it was an embarrassing subject, but after being at my wits end, I vented my issue to a friend and she responded, “Why don’t you just wax your underarm?"


What, you can wax your underarms!?


Her suggestion was really life changing. It was life changing for my confidence, self image and who would’ve known, the career path I ended up taking.


You may not deal with boils, but you may deal with discoloration or irritation from shaving and fortunatley for you waxing is one of the hair removal methods that can help.


I have been waxing my underarms for many, many, years and have never-ever had another boil!!


Here’s the thing though, how do you deal with the wait in order for the hair to grow long enough to be waxed?


I always tell clients to start during the cooler months.


It’s easier to hide the hair because we’re not wearing sleeveless attire.


The goal is to make the hair less course so you can continue to wax during the summer, but if you have to revert back to shaving during the hotter months, the hair and skin may be more tolerable.


With waxing being a natural exfoliate, waxing underarms is also a great way to help in fading discoloration.

This along with exfoliating, preferably with an exfoliating BAR soap and/or sugar scrub with lemon in it is the absolute way to go.



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Posted on May 17, 2016 at 7:40 PM

I’m going to shock you in this 1st post for Beautiful Waxing Boutique, as it goes against industry average. Beauty technicians that specialize in soft wax rave about the benefits of soft wax while technicians that specialize in hard wax rave about hard wax being better.


I’m going to simply tell you the difference in the two for you to make an informed decision as to which works better for you and reveal what is most important in searching for a waxing salon.


Hard wax (strip-less wax) is applied to the skin. It shrink wraps around the hair itself lifting a tad from your skin. Once the wax cools and is ready to be removed, the waxing specialist peels the hardened, rubbery wax off. She’ll usually tap and tug at the wax a bit to be sure it’s ready to be pulled.


Soft wax (removes hair with strips) is applied the same way, but strips are applied afterwards and rubbed to ensure the hairs are wrapped into the wax. There is no need to wait for cooling. The strip is quickly pulled in a punch motion removing the hair.


First let’s begin in informing how soft wax (strip wax) received a bad reputation. It’s not from the high quality salons like J. Sisters that use soft wax, service celebrities and who introduced Brazilian Waxing to the United States in 1987.


Soft wax received its bad reputation from the traditional nail salons (not the fancy plush nail salons popping up today) because of the harsh wax, usually of lower quality, that was used in these establishments. The wax was sometimes warmed too high and the waxing process performed incorrectly, causing people to leave with an unsatisfying experience.


Does one wax hurt more than the other? Honestly it depends on the individual. We have clients in our waxing salon give there input from one extreme to the other. They feel hard wax hurts more and takes longer, while others feel soft wax stings more; while some feel there isn’t a difference as long as it gets the job done. Some feel it’s solely dependant upon whose doing the service, while some feel too much anxiety with the hard wax method because of the need to wait until it’s cooled before it can be pulled.


Why does Beautiful Waxing Boutique use soft wax (strip wax)? Waxing is a natural exfoliate lifting the upper layer of skin. Both hard and soft wax lift the upper layer of skin (dead skin), but hard wax rises above the skin as it dries, that coupled with the tugging involved in removing the hardened wax can cause hair breakage in comparison to pulling all the hairs from the root. This can contribute to a bad ingrown hair-bump problem. One way to prevent this is to wax in smaller sections, but who wants the agony of a 30 - 45 minute Brazilian Wax.


In our experience, soft wax (strip wax) pulls from the root which helps to avoid these side effects. We use a cream based soft wax with no resins and favorable to sensitive skin. This way it’s not harsh on the skin, yet getting the job fully done by pulling the hair from the root AND you’re done with your Brazilian wax in 10-15 minutes.


Don’t get me wrong, you can still have ingrown hair bumps with any type of waxing. Our personal experience has shown that clients coming from other establishments using hard waxing methods, and suffering from a chronic ingrown hair issue saw improvements after using soft wax, along with our method and a great ingrown hair serum.


If you’re a first timer seeking an establishment for your first Brazilian wax and want to know which waxing method is best, the most important thing you should be searching for is a place that specializes in waxing. Just because waxing is on the menu doesn’t mean they specialize in it and make sure they don’t double dip, meaning, the same waxing stick is used repeatedly. Only one stick should be used then tossed per application unless they use an individual wax pot just for you. Lastly, is that you do your research and feel comfortable with the establishment.


There really isn’t a drastic difference as to how each wax feels, so it doesn’t matter if they’re using hard or soft wax as long as they’re knowledgeable in the method they use which will give you the least discomfort.


Wishing you peace, love & a smooth va-jay-jay