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Posted on May 17, 2016 at 7:40 PM

I’m going to shock you in this 1st post for Beautiful Waxing Boutique, as it goes against industry average. Beauty technicians that specialize in soft wax rave about the benefits of soft wax while technicians that specialize in hard wax rave about hard wax being better.


I’m going to simply tell you the difference in the two for you to make an informed decision as to which works better for you and reveal what is most important in searching for a waxing salon.


Hard wax (strip-less wax) is applied to the skin. It shrink wraps around the hair itself lifting a tad from your skin. Once the wax cools and is ready to be removed, the waxing specialist peels the hardened, rubbery wax off. She’ll usually tap and tug at the wax a bit to be sure it’s ready to be pulled.


Soft wax (removes hair with strips) is applied the same way, but strips are applied afterwards and rubbed to ensure the hairs are wrapped into the wax. There is no need to wait for cooling. The strip is quickly pulled in a punch motion removing the hair.


First let’s begin in informing how soft wax (strip wax) received a bad reputation. It’s not from the high quality salons like J. Sisters that use soft wax, service celebrities and who introduced Brazilian Waxing to the United States in 1987.


Soft wax received its bad reputation from the traditional nail salons (not the fancy plush nail salons popping up today) because of the harsh wax, usually of lower quality, that was used in these establishments. The wax was sometimes warmed too high and the waxing process performed incorrectly, causing people to leave with an unsatisfying experience.


Does one wax hurt more than the other? Honestly it depends on the individual. We have clients in our waxing salon give there input from one extreme to the other. They feel hard wax hurts more and takes longer, while others feel soft wax stings more; while some feel there isn’t a difference as long as it gets the job done. Some feel it’s solely dependant upon whose doing the service, while some feel too much anxiety with the hard wax method because of the need to wait until it’s cooled before it can be pulled.


Why does Beautiful Waxing Boutique use soft wax (strip wax)? Waxing is a natural exfoliate lifting the upper layer of skin. Both hard and soft wax lift the upper layer of skin (dead skin), but hard wax rises above the skin as it dries, that coupled with the tugging involved in removing the hardened wax can cause hair breakage in comparison to pulling all the hairs from the root. This can contribute to a bad ingrown hair-bump problem. One way to prevent this is to wax in smaller sections, but who wants the agony of a 30 - 45 minute Brazilian Wax.


In our experience, soft wax (strip wax) pulls from the root which helps to avoid these side effects. We use a cream based soft wax with no resins and favorable to sensitive skin. This way it’s not harsh on the skin, yet getting the job fully done by pulling the hair from the root AND you’re done with your Brazilian wax in 10-15 minutes.


Don’t get me wrong, you can still have ingrown hair bumps with any type of waxing. Our personal experience has shown that clients coming from other establishments using hard waxing methods, and suffering from a chronic ingrown hair issue saw improvements after using soft wax, along with our method and a great ingrown hair serum.


If you’re a first timer seeking an establishment for your first Brazilian wax and want to know which waxing method is best, the most important thing you should be searching for is a place that specializes in waxing. Just because waxing is on the menu doesn’t mean they specialize in it and make sure they don’t double dip, meaning, the same waxing stick is used repeatedly. Only one stick should be used then tossed per application unless they use an individual wax pot just for you. Lastly, is that you do your research and feel comfortable with the establishment.


There really isn’t a drastic difference as to how each wax feels, so it doesn’t matter if they’re using hard or soft wax as long as they’re knowledgeable in the method they use which will give you the least discomfort.


Wishing you peace, love & a smooth va-jay-jay






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