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BROW PENCIL OR BROW POWDER (and how do I fill in my Brows period)?

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 2:45 PM

I’m asked almost every day which is the better technique for filling-in brows; pencil or powder?

While we all have our own look we’d like to achieve and our own method that is more comfortable, we still drive ourselves bonkers viewing all the YouTube videos, then staring in the mirror with every eyebrow product from Ulta Beauty, more confused than when we first started.

There are many products out there but for an everyday person, that is not a makeup artist, we like nicely filled in brow that doesn’t “look” filled-in.

We honestly admire the dramatic drawn-in look on others but for ourselves, we simply want fullness and definition to our existing brows (and we want it in 5minutes or less!).

So I’m going to break down the products for you real quick…

Brow Gel - Colored or Clear: If used by itself, this is best for someone with full eyebrows, that are perfectly shaped without help from powder or a pencil.

This is for a Brooke Shields type of brow (hmm, did I just age myself?). Ok we’ll go with Kim Kardashian if you don’t know who Brooke Shields is. Everyone knows the Kardashians. This is the perfect brow that just needs a little help defining it.

Another way to properly use gel, is to apply it to your eyebrow after you’ve already filled it in with powder. The gel helps to define and keep the brow hairs in place.

If you have shabby brows you’re working on growing in or just thin brows in general, brow gel, used by itself, just ads a little oomph to it. It can also make it more noticeable that your eyebrows are not full nor shaped properly.

Brow Wax: This is similar to brow gel but usually comes in a brow powder kit. You would apply it after applying the powder. It doesn’t define as much as gel and can make the powder look darker, but helps the brows stay in place.

Brow Pencil: If you’re still using the old fashioned pencil that needs to be sharpened and pressed hard against the brow, toss it! I truly believe this type of pencil contributes to our random loss of little brow hairs here and there.

If you’re using the new type that glides on, this type of pencil is usually for someone that is skilled with filling-in their brows. I always have clients come in frustrated because they can’t get their brows to look the way I have them look with the powder. When I pry a bit to find out what they’re using, it’s usually a brow pencil of some type.

Brow pencils are difficult to use unless you’re good at creating a border that’s not there (the perfect shape) or you have naturally perfect shaped brows without any missing hair (the Kim and Brooke eyebrow example above) and would just like to darken and define.

Brow Powder: My favorite! Brow powder gives you a defined, full brow without it “looking” like you have makeup on your eyebrows. You can control your looks. You can go for a dark-dramatic look or a defined-fuller, yet completely natural look.

With brow powder, you simply follow the shape of your eyebrow along the boarder in a soft upward stroke with an angled brow brush. Then gently fill in the sparse areas in the brow. If it’s not dark enough, simply repeat. If it’s too dark, simply blend with a spoolie brush (the brush that looks like a mascara wand). Once it’s to your liking, you can leave it or set it with a clear brow gel for more definition.

Very important: the brush is extremely important to achieve a good look, so please toss the tiny angle brush that came in your brow powder kit and get a professional brush that costs more than $5.00 please. BW’s Brow Brush has a perfect angle for precise definition and a spoolie at the other end to blend.

Now to the brow color! BW’s Happy Girl Brow Powder is a soft powder that blends to skin tone so I’ve literally used the same color on EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT (which is dark brown) for years. If your powder is not as forgiving, you’ll have to go with a color that is best suited to a combination of your brow hair and skin tone.

And voila! You should have badass brows from this day forward!

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