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Posted on March 20, 2018 at 3:20 PM

Do you battle with nasty little bumps that can be an unfortunate side effect to hair removal?

As the hair grows back after waxing, it can sometimes curl under the skin, causing clogged pores and ingrown hair-bumps to form. To be ready for swimsuit season...when and if it ever gets here -- mother nature is playing some serious games with us in NJ -- but I digress with a quick rant and now back to the subject at hand.

I recommend these quick tips to eliminate ingrown hairs as much as possible...

With each customer visit, I like to reiterate the importance of exfoliating, but for those that aren’t aware, frequent 'bikini facials' are a must to help prevent ingrown hairs and the subsequent scarring associated with these annoying little bumps.

Despite popular belief, you do not want to pick at the bump demanding to tweeze the hair out. Especially if it's under the skin. Breaking skin to dig for the hair can cause major scarring and even worse, an infection.

If the ingrown hair-bumps are itching, I recommend skipping the loofah to exfoliating with a scrub using gentle circular motions over the irritated area. This double duty action not only exfoliates, but immediately soothes the itching. Then rinse the area with warm water and apply witch hazel or an ingrown hair-bump serum, if you have one.

Are you highly prone to ingrown hair-bumps? Then you will need -- in addition to a scrub -- an actual ingrown hair-bump serum. You'll apply the ingrown serum after showering or anytime of the day to relieve irritation.

Try not to scratch or pick at the area. This can increase the irritation, cause spreading and/or lead to an infection.

Once the serum breaks the surface of the ingrown bump, surprisingly you won’t even feel the need to pluck the hair out. It’ll grow in like the other hairs to be abstracted with your next wax.

Have you heard of vagina steaming? If you're into that, it's a great way to help eliminate ingrown hair-bumps and scarring. It's also great for other benefits concerning vagina health. If that's not your thing, a simple hot relaxing bath, with the same healing herbs or essential oils should do the trick.

One more thing, sometimes the ingrown hair-bump will turn into a stubborn abscess (sometimes known as a boil or a cyst). By putting a hot compress (washcloth) with salt on the compress for about 20 minutes each evening and applying an ingrown serum will help it to come to a head after about a week. When dealing with an abscess, it's not a good idea to exfoliate in that immediate area until it heals. This issue goes a bit beyond skin-care (me) and into a medical area, so you may need to see a dermatologist.


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