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Posted on June 4, 2018 at 6:10 PM

So you're planning to have your first Brazilian wax and you are scared shit-less. Trust me, I've been there. I was there years ago before Googling the internet to gather suggestions to combat your fears was an obvious solution. It was also before waxing was the “in-thing” so you were pretty much stuck with whoever had a wax pot, a stick and a willing participant to do the job. I know, scary.

In this article, I'm going to free your mind with a couple of suggestions to give you the confidence and comfort you need to join the nation of smooth va-jay-jays.


1. You may have read articles that advised for you to go to a place that uses hard wax, but I am here to tell you that it does not make a difference. The key is to be sure you go to a place that specializes in Brazilian waxing.


For example, just because a nail salon, spa, or salon, has a wax pot, it doesn't mean they specialize in Brazilian waxing -- meaning Brazilian waxing may not be the majority of the business that they do every day. The only way for you to know this is by looking at their reviews. If multiple people had a great experience at the establishment you are researching, for Brazilian waxing in particular, then you’re one step ahead of the game.


2. Which brings me to my next suggestion. Make sure you go to a technician that makes you feel comfortable. You could ask one of your friends for a referral to their Waxing Specialist if they get Brazilian waxing, but if you're the trailblazer amongst the group, then in your research of waxing establishments, look for the common names of the wax specialists with the good reviews and ask to book your appointment with that person. Trust me, there's nothing like having a wax done with someone you're not comfortable with. Yikes!


3. Make sure you have enough hair. If you currently shave or use depilatory creams, you should allow your hair to grow in for 2 full weeks to 3 weeks, with 3 weeks being ideal. By the way, two full weeks means 14 days. Unfortunately, if you're a current shaver that never has hair down yonder, “the wait” is the hardest part, I'm often told. Because of this, after a week of not shaving, you'll figure “surely this is enough hair to be waxed.” It's not! Us waxing pros have heard all the reasons why you feel it’s enough. Mainly being, “my hair grows fast.” If you must compare it to something, it should be compared to a VERY LONG grain of rice, not the short grains.


You may worry if your hair is too long because you've read somewhere that it hurts more if the hair is too long. Here at Beautiful Waxing Boutique, I trim for the client. I don't like clients to trim themselves because they may trim it too short and then I can't wax them but not all waxing establishments will trim for you, so a good rule of thumb is to be right at the 14 days to 3 weeks mark to eliminate worry about whether it’s too long or not. When an article is referencing the waxing experience being more painful because the hair is too long, it's most likely meaning the 1970s bush that makes your undies puffy.


4. When searching for the best waxing salon, be sure to go to one that does not double dip. We can thank good-ole Seinfeld for this term, but if you're not aware of what double dipping means it's correlated to when one "double-dips the chip." They'll take a bite then put the same chip in the dip that everyone is eating from. Gross, right? Well in the waxing world it's just as gross. You want to go to an establishment that tosses the stick after each application -- tossing the stick after each client is not enough. That's like double dipping the chip and once that chip is all gone you're now getting a new chip. The dip is now yucky! If they're applying the wax to your skin and then put the stick back in the wax, apply it to your skin again and so on, you now have a cesspool full of bacteria, because they've been doing that all day with multiple customers. To make this grosser, what if the other customer got a Brazilian wax and you're getting a lip wax. No Bueno!


So be sure that the place throws away the stick after each application onto the skin unless they are the type of place that has a central large wax pot that they scoop wax from to put in a clean wax pot. They scoop just enough wax to use for your service and if any is left, the rest is thrown out. Here at Beautiful Waxing Boutique, this is done for a full leg wax. Usually a full can of wax can be used for full legs. At that point, we choose to save trees and use the same stick because that wax-can will be used on that customer. Disregard any explanation for double dipping stating the heat kills the germs. If that was the case, the wax would be too hot to apply to skin.


5. The 5th thing I would suggest is to get your Brazilian wax done alone. If you bring someone with you for moral support, have them wait in the waiting room if that establishment has one. A lot of times people like to bring someone with them in the waxing room, but unfortunately, this can sometimes cause the experience to hurt more because you’re stimulated. This is usually why a lot of places will not allow you to bring someone in the waxing room with you.


6. Keep a strip! Also known as a landing strip. A lot of times people are confused in thinking it’s a design thing, but majority of ladies keep a strip because it's the most sensitive area. You can keep a long strip from the pelvic bone down the labia, or keep a rectangle strip from the bone to the top part of the labia -- the most sensitive area. You can keep it that way if you like a little hair or remove more at each waxing appointment until it’s all gone. An experienced Waxing Specialist should be able to help you with this decision.


7. Some will recommend that you take a pain reliever about an hour before your appointment and it does help. If you need to check with your doctor first, please be sure to do so.


I’m often asked if numbing creams work. I don't think there's a drastic difference and unfortunately if using one, you are at risk of being irritated. I definitely wouldn't suggest a numbing cream if you're new to Brazilian waxing. I'd suggest that you try the numbing cream after you've had several waxing appointments and you’re aware as to how your skin reacts to the wax. This way, if you have a reaction after using the numbing cream, then you'll know it’s definitely the numbing cream and you won’t falsely believe the wax caused it.


Each place that specializes in Brazilian waxing has its own waxing techniques to make your experience better. That's why you want to go to a place that specializes in it. If you go to a place just because they have wax, it doesn’t mean they understand the method of waxing. There’s so much more to it than just ripping hair off.


8. Don't let your first time be the judge. Get it done again in 4 weeks. The first time is always the most uncomfortable. Having it done again in 4 weeks will give you the true feeling of what you'll experience going forward if you chose to be regular. Each time you fall off the wagon and start shaving again or just let the hair grow in full, you are starting all over again. It'll feel like the first time with the difference being you now know what to expect.


Lastly, I leave you with the statement that majority of the first timers I wax hop off the waxing table when I’m done exclaiming, “that wasn't as bad as I expected” or “that didn’t hurt at all”!


So fear not. You can do this!


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