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Posted on September 29, 2018 at 7:30 AM

Do you have nasty eyebrows?

I remember when I was younger and my family came to my first basketball game (which I sucked at). My 4 year old brother out-right-refused to sit next to my grandmother. When my mom asked him 'what's wrong?' he responded that my grandmother had on 'nasty pants.' I guess her burgundy and plaid bell bottoms was not working for him, (nor anyone else -- she wore these pants in the 80s, so they were a bit out of style to say the least).

If you're still going to your local nail salon for your eyebrow and/or facial wax, then you possibly have nasty eyebrows.

You're a smart, savvy and trendy professional, so I'm sure you know the dangers of doing such. You may say, "yeah I know, but I've been having them wax my eyebrows and lip this long, and nothing has happened. Plus it's cheaper." 


How does the old saying go? You get what you pay for. 


Here's the scoop about such places -- the wax is normally a cesspool of bacteria because of the double dipping and sitting for long periods of time. If the establishment does Brazilian or Bikini waxing, then it's possible the wax pot is full of va-jay-jay juice. Disgusting, right!


I had a conversation with a friend who lives in North Jersey, so it's tough for her to make it to Beautiful Waxing Boutique consistently. I told her to find a waxing place similar to BW for her brows, in her area.  One that practices sanitary requirements, but also specializes in their craft. In this case, eyebrow shaping -- just because an establishment has the equipment and products to removes hair, doesn't mean they're good at it.  She said, "ok, but when I do get it done at a nail salon, I have them change the stick for me." I've had several clients tell me this too. Silly rabbit, what about the wax itself that they've been double dipping in? 


Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of pre-waxing and post-waxing products are being applied to your skin. If these products are cheap and filled with chemicals, this can also contribute to a reaction.  


What's the moral of the story? STOP THE MADNESS! You are awesome and deserving of the best!! You are so worth the couple of extra dollars you have to spend for sanitary purposes and to have truly badass brows!

Also, keep in mind that a properly shaped brow is fuller and adapted more to your natural shape, so once you have your proper shape, you don't need to wax your brow as often. My brow clients normally come every 4-6 weeks compared to every two weeks in other establishments that take too much hair off. In the long run, by going to a higher quality establishment that has strict sanitary practices and actually specializes in shaping/waxing your brow properly will help you to even-out (money wise) or spend less because you'll go less often. 


Still not convinced you should stop the madness of going to nail salons for waxing? Take a look at the below news article about the dangers of waxing in such places. https:/ 

Sending you tons of October Love and Hugs!


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