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Posted on February 5, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Exfoliating can be a confusing topic. Especially when told to exfoliate the bikini area to help eliminate ingrown hair bumps, scarring and blackheads. I'm asked daily when is the best time to exfoliate, so I figured I'd write a blog post of my recommendations.

First, you want to form a habit that works best for you to be consistent. The same way you have a consistent routine with your face (I really hope you have a skin-loving face routine), is the same with loving on and nurturing your body, including the vagina and bikini area.

We won't get into happy vagina practices here, but feel free to read my free e-book, Your Ultimate Guide to a Happy and Fabulous Vagina for more information on vaginal health. You can get it at


Now back to helping you achieve a scar free, ingrown hair-bump free and discoloration free bikini area. There are many steps in achieving this process. The same as there are many steps in achieving a radiant and clear face, but one of the steps you should be doing is exfoliating.


I normally recommend exfoliating 1-2 times per week depending upon how thick your skin is in the area. If you skin in the area is pretty thick and hair has a hard time making its way through your pores when growing back, causing a lot of ingrown bumps to form, then you want to exfoliate twice a week and use an ingrown hair-bump serum daily.


If your skin is thinner and more sensitive (note: having an ingrown hair bump issue does not mean your skin is sensitive. I hear this all the time from clients and the two do not necessarily coincide), you'll only exfoliate one time per week.


If your ingrown hair-bumps have turned into boils or cysts and pretty irritated, then gently exfoilate 1 time per week, but you must either take salt baths to detoxify and draw out the toxins from the now infected bump or hold a hot compress containing salt on it daily for about 20 minutes, followed by an all natural, ingrown hair-bump serum.


You can also use Happy Girl Products natural mud mask to draw out toxins. I normally recommend doing this 1 time per week, unless you have a bad ingrown hair bump issue or they become boils, then two times per week and skip exfoliating. And don't forget to apply the ingrown hair bump serum daily.


I actually rotate by using a mud mask one time per week and exfoliating one time per week.


Now onward to what you should use to exfoliate. You want to use either an all natural scrub like Happy Girl Products Organic Scrub, a salt scrub, or an exfoliating bar with coarse grains like Happy Girl Products Exfoliating Bar. It contains course oatmeal grains that you actually feel gently scraping or scratching your skin.


Toss the apricot scrub or the creamy scrub with little grains in it to exfoliate. I always say "if you had an itch, and you're rubbing your product on that itch, does it satisfy your itch as if you were scratching it?"


Loofah balls that you use to wash are a little too gentle, but an exfoliating loofah material could be a little too rough. Rubbing a small face brush in a circular motion will help, but you need some type of product that will help circulate and turn the skin cells. That's why I just stick with going with the two for one -- a sugar or salt scrub made with natural essential oils or an exfoliating bar already contains the products for healing and dealing with inflammation along with drawing out toxins.


One more thing, when waxing you can exfoliate the day before to assist with the hairs extracting better but after a wax you want to wait three to four days before exfoliating. If you have thin, sensitive skin, then do not exfoliate before waxing.


I hope this article helped in answering your questions about exfoliating. Please remember, exfoliating is not an Ingrown Hair Bump Treatment and over exfoliating can make the skin in the area worse. Exfoliating just assists in removing the dead skin in hopes that the hair can flow through better.




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