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We're excited to announce our new affordable waxing franchise concept!

Stand-Alone Unit - Learn how you can open a small boutique-studio offering The BW Experience to capitalize on the waxing industry while keeping minimal overhead.

Owners of a Beauty Studio - Let us show you how to convert a room or small space that you're using for storage into a revenue generating machine by co-branding with BW's Waxing Experience.

Learn more at www.thebwsystem or call 856-219-2440 to speak with an Area Development Representative for your area. 



BW's Happy Girl Products is the perfect addition to your store, skin-care boutique, salon or spa to help increase your revenue. If you have a chic and trendy, natural or organic set up for product sales, then Happy Girl is what's missing. 

The three products for wholesale are what we call the "trifecta against ingrown hair bumps yet enhancer of radiant and happy skin!"  

Email [email protected] for wholesale prices. 
Please include the information of the business where the products will be sold in the email. 

Willow Bark Ingrown Serum:

BW’s Ingrown serum is infused with Willow Bark - salicylic acid in its natural form. This serum helps for quicker skin cell turnover ridding your clients of the embarrassing little red bumps or massive, achy, itchy lumps that are very uncomfortable. It also helps to eliminate the scarring from these pesky bumps.

BAE Lavender & Lemongrass Body Scrub:

BAE Sugar Scrub simply means to take care of you -- the one person we sometimes forget -- so that you can care for everyone else. BAE Sugar Scrub can be used for full body exfoliating or your clients’ can concentrate on a certain area like the bikini or underarms. It helps to eliminate ingrown hair bumps, scars from hair bumps and dead skin for a radiant glow. It's also great for dry skin as it deposits the essential healing oils that moisturize the skin after the sugar grains have been washed off. And it’s the most yummiest smell ever!

Exfoliating Bar:

Infused with Lavender, Goat Milk and Oatmeal this soap is a must have in your clients’ beauty regimen. The oatmeal grains remove dead skin while the goat milk hydrates and nourishes, and the lavender does its thing with its many healing properties as well as smelling awesome. 

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